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Greetings and welcome the Division of International Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook Medical Center. We are a newly formed division, and are very enthusiastic about the coming academic year. We are looking for two fellows per year who are interested in a two year fellowship in International Emergency Medicine. We have partnered with the Stony Brook University School of Public Health, and have projects currently underway in Chile, Brasil, St. Lucia, Korea, and Madagascar.

We are looking for motivated fellows interested in development work and in careers involving collaboration with life-long friends. We place a premium on cultural fluency and language skills; we are looking for fellows who have interest in and at minimum conversational fluency in Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Korean.

We strongly encourage our fellows to bring their own interests to our program, where we can develop your International EM projects and career goals.  Our personalized, hands-on approach is flexible, and uniquely tailored to each incoming fellow. We strongly encourage completion of two accessory degrees. The accessory degrees can be a Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene in the fellow’s geographic area of interest, as well as an MPH, MBA, or MSc. Additional options include a joint International EM fellowship and RDMS guided by Dr. Michael Secko through our Ultrasound division, or a joint International EM and Resuscitation fellowship with Dr. Scott Weingart.

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