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Originally started in July 2012, our ultrasound fellowship has been completely revamped for July 2017.  Our program is now headed by US fellowship trained faculty member Michael Secko, MD and is supplemented by our Critical Care faculty, who use ultrasound extensively; additionally all our faculty are ultrasound credentialed and most use it in their daily practice.

Our Emergency Department offers ultrasound fellows the opportunity to scan a high volume of trauma, critical care, and pediatric patients. Our 3-year Residency Program has 16 residents per class, who are well-versed in emergency ultrasound and eager to learn from fellows. The Stony Brook campus houses an undergraduate university, medical school, and PA/NP/PT/OT programs.  Our other departments, including ICU and anesthesia, are excited to learn point-of-care ultrasound. There will be many interdepartmental teaching (and learning) opportunities throughout the hospital. 

In addition, Stony Brook Emergency Department supports a Resuscitation & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship led by Scott Weingart, and an International Fellowship spearheaded by Billy Mallon. Opportunities to combine fellowship experiences, including maximizing critical care time and international travel will be encouraged!

Feel free to contact us for additional information, or if you are interested in applying for the fellowship you can send your CV and cover letter to Dr. Michael Secko @

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