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Bedside point of care ultrasound is quickly becoming an indispensable clinical tool available to most if not all practitioners in both the hospital and outpatient settings.  It allows physicians, nurses and medical students to provide more efficient, expedient and safer care to our patients.  It is our philosophy that early introduction of ultrasound in medical training and residency is imperative to providing better complete care at the bedside.

We are working to provide the tools and knowledge to medical students, residents and attending’s throughout the hospital.  To accomplish this we are providing lectures and hands on sessions to a multitude of practitioners in the hospital.

Residents will be fully immersed in learning and excelling at utilizing ultrasound to assess patients at the bedside. Every unit in the Emergency Department has multiple ultrasound machines to utilize as needed. In addition to on-site clinical practice, residents will also have 2 weeks of a dedicated ultrasound elective under the robust guidance of our ultrasound director and ultrasound fellows.  

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