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  • Philip Siva Vittozzi Wong, MD

Using Alaris Infusion Pumps, Nebulizers, and Venti Masks

A 25 year old male with poorly controlled asthma presents with pneumonia and asthma exacerbation.

All of a sudden a new patient in cardiac arrest case comes to the ED. Your colleagues attend to the code but the emergency department is short on nursing staff. Your nurse has to help out with the code and cannot attend to your asthmatic patient. You decide to give duonebs, IV fluids, antibiotics and steroids without the help of the nurse.

How to use the Alaris infusion pump

  • Priming the bag

  • Clamp the tubing

  • Hang the bag

  • Remove the blue cap off the bag and insert the sharp end of the tubing without touching it (sterile)

  • Unclamp the tubing, let fluids run through the line and remove all the air from the tubing

  • Keep the cap at the end of the tubing until ready to attach it to the patient

  • Remove the light blue plastic cover and insert the tubing into the channel

  • Use an alcohol swab to clean the peripheral IV on the patient and test it with a saline flush

  • Attach the IV tubing to the patient

  • Press the ‘on’ button on the Alaris infusion pump

  • Hit ‘New patient’

  • Hit ‘Channel select’ (on the actual channel)

  • Chose ‘drugs’ or ‘IV fluids’ or ‘regular infusion’

  • Chose the rate

  • You’re done!

How to give nebulizers

  • Ask the patient if they want the face mask or hand held mouthpiece

  • Get the duonebs from the cabinet in the med room

  • The nebulizer kit is in the 5th drawer in every IV cart

  • Pour albuterol and ipratropium into the nebulizer well

  • Screw the cap on

  • Attach either a face mask or mouthpiece

  • Crank up the oxygen at 10 L

How to set up the Venti mask

  • The white knob allows to choose between 35%, 40%, 50% FiO2

  • The green knob is for 24%, 26%, 28%, 30% FiO2

  • After attaching the white or green knob place the transparent green plastic on top to secure it


Philip Siva Vittozzi Wong, MD is a current third year resident at Stony Brook Emergency Medicine.


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