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Match Day 2019!

We are extremely fortunate and proud, as a program and a department, to have attracted and matched such a bright, talented, and personable group of new residents. They will all surely fit right in with our SB EM family. Please warmly welcome them all -Kingsley, Daniel, Amanda, Elizabeth, Erin, Benjamin, Facundo, Jeremy, Robert, Kevin, Alison, Timothy, James, Jose, Matthew, and Matthew!

Hypoxic, Hypotensive, & Hypothermic: Focused Resuscitation in Drowning

An 8 year old female is skating on a frozen pond in February. She falls through the ice and disappears under the surface of the water. Her friend runs up the street to get her father who arrives within 5 minutes to find her floating amongst the broken ice. He is able to pull her from the water. She is unconscious, not breathing, and is cold to the touch. Pulse is not readily palpable. The ambulance is just arriving... Drowning, which has been universally defined as “the process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion/immersion in liquid” by the World Health Organization1, is widespread throughout the globe and is a significant burden of disease. Although accurate epidemiology

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