We are excited about our educational activities. The formal educational activities consist of our weekly didactic conference, monthly grand round series, and monthly morbidity and mortality conference. Through our educational activities, we aim to provide a range of experiences that maximizes learning for all types of learners at all levels of training and balance the need for core knowledge with the need to be exposed to cutting edge material.


The Stony Brook Emergency Residency Academic schedule is based on an 18 month cycle.  Which means each resident will have all topics covered twice during their residency.  In addition to several high yield topics which are covered a extra in high yield blocks.  In addition to weekly conference, core content is supplemented with video from the HIPPO EM board review series and ROSH Review questions from the question bank.  (Both of which are provided by the Dept free of charge to the residents)  Most Conference day is started with a short board review session run by a senior resident and faculty member. 

Our weekly didactic conference is conducted every Thursday from 8am to 1pm. We utilize a wide range of activities during conference including didactic lectures, oral board review practice sessions, hands-on procedure training days, group simulation sessions, and board review quiz shows. Our didactic sessions are given by residents, EM and non EM faculty, as well as outside speakers. Our didactics focus on the entire range of emergency medicine from core content to cutting edge research allowing for engagement of all levels of learners.

Lecture series run throughout the course of the year, with monthly:

  • Pediatric lectures by the Peds EM and PICU faculty

  • Toxicology lectures by Emergency Medicine faculty boarded in Toxicology

  • Pharmacology lectures by our Emergency Dept Pharmacists

  • EKG Lectures by faculty

  • Resident Grand rounds

  • Brief Clinical Pearls Lectures

  • Ultrasound lectures/tape reviews by our division of Emergency Ultrasound

  • Evidence Based Medicine lectures

  • Critical Care lectures by our Division of Emergency Medicine Critical Care 

  • Multidisciplinary Conferences with other Stony Brook Dept such as Anesthesia and NeuroSurgery


Our grand rounds are conducted outside of conference on the first Thursday of the month. We have consistently been able to recruit amazing speakers and leaders of emergency medicine, from throughout the country and have been able to build a high quality and consistent series.


Each Month has a Grand Round day which includes national/international speakers, including:

  • Sara Crager

  • Jeff Lapoint

  • James Jones 

  • Greg Henry

  • Rich Levitan

  • Matt Dawson

  • Peter Semczuk

  • Lillian Emlet

  • Joe Lex

  • Jan Shoenberger

  • Thomas Scalea

  • Christopher Doty

  • John Hinds

  • William Paolo

  • Haney Mallemat

  • Todd Slesinger

  • David Newman

  • Mike Stone

  • Anand Swaminathan

  • Lynn Hallarman

  • Alex Spyropoulos 


Our "Always Better Conference" is an integral component in our residency education. It takes place directly before our grand rounds lecture on the first Wednesday of the month. These conferences provides a safe learning environment for the entire department. These conference address cases that occurred within our Emergency Department and the goal is to provide a safe space to identify and recollect why and how certain events took place. We have a large and consistent faculty presence. Through the integration of the audience response systems this conference is a truly interactive experience.

Each month also has a Simulation Day, these days include:

  • Trauma, Airway, Cardiac Arrest, and many other Simulations both in our Sim Lab and In-Situ in our Trauma Bay

  • Oral Board Cases

  • Ultrasound Work Shops

  • Airway Work Shops

  • Pediatric Procedure Workshops

  • IV/Mid Line/IO workshops

  • Central Line workshops

  • Chest Tube workshops

  • Transvenous Pacemaker workshop

  • Blakemore Tube workshop

  • TEE Echo workshop

  • FOAM and Flipped Classroom materials


In addition to standard conference activities, we are constantly innovating in our curriculum with new interactive formats. Something that is unique to our program is Team Based Learning (TBL) small group sessions. In these sessions we work in small groups to review board review questions, to teach our fellow classmates about guidelines to management on assigned topics, to discuss differentials and management of, and to work as a team on simulated patient encounters.  Our didactic sessions are given by residents, EM and non EM faculty, as well as outside speakers. Our didactics focus on the entire range of emergency medicine from core content to cutting edge research allowing for engagement of all levels of learners. We also have been discussing educational resources called Free Online Access to Medicine (FOAM) such as EMCrit. We review articles and podcasts regarding cutting edge changes and advancements in emergency medicine practice guidlines. 

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